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File: 1502466635138.png–(37.18KB, 607x473, unreal-tournament.png)
No.18  [Reply]
keeping it old school, here's a vanilla unreal tournament server. i'll probably add a bunch more maps over time. in case you need unreal tournament just use http://anicow.site/UnrealTournament_GOTY.exe
¨ No.19
my idea is for these to be community servers, so if anyone has a request for custom map or skin or maybe even voice pack just bump this thread
¨ No.21
1502480875110.png–(1.62KB, 218x107, ut-mutators.png)
heres the only 2 i'll probably ever need. maybe ill add anti-cheat if it becomes a problem.
¨ No.23
1502541954286.png–(2.88KB, 43x49, transmission.png)

per request, the original torrent for full ut 436 version, very fast seeds. enjoy

File: 1502403417789.png–(182.25KB, 2312x652, killing-floor-1-server.png)
No.12  [Reply]
you heard it here first guys, lock your steam client non-pirated killing floor 1 copies onto killingfloor.anicow.site and lets kill zombies together! (Normal/Long)
¨ No.13
also theres https://board.anicow.site for secure board
¨ No.20
1502479339624.png–(5.89KB, 916x190, killingfloor-mutatorslist-aug112017.png)
heres the list of loaded mutators. all default maps. post requests here

File: 1502387398471.jpg–(569.82KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-10-20-48-22-649.jpeg)
No.2  [Reply]

¨ No.3
1502388112990.gif–(3.33MB, 452x308, ice_cube_wtf_gq.gif)
¨ No.4
Well obviously theyre under attack whatever that means...thats why we cant claim...and it took them whole day to post that info...ppl were in the dark for so long -.- so what is a DDOS attack...
¨ No.6
that sucks i really liked that site. oh well hope it gets sorted quick. good research btw

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